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The FACC (French-Armenian Cardiovascular Centre) in Goris, opened by the Armenia-France Health Action and the French-Armenian Fund, is the collaborative work of Armenian and non-Armenian healthcare professionals and key players in the economical and social life (developers, institutions, accountants, lawyers, communication professionals...). Here are, in a few dates, the main stages of the FACC building.

2006: AFHA and FAF join forces

  1. In November 2006, the AFHA and the FAF (French-Armenian Fund) assigned roles and agreed to work together to deliver a new French-Armenian Cardiovascular Centre (FACC).

• FAF-construction (with contribution from the AFHA)

• AFHA-technology and logistics (under leadership of Mher Sousani)

2007: First plans, first model

In May 2007, the AFHA acquired the land for the future cardiovascular centre. Located at the elevated north entrance to Goris, the site’s 10.000 m2 plot looks over the town.

Designed by Aubagne architect Pierre Ollivier in accordance with French regulations and building norms for earthquake-prone areas, the plan for the 1600 m2 (71x50 m) rectangular building comprised two levels (800 m2 + 800 m2) and a parking area for patient visitors.

2009: Building begins

On May 27th, 2009, the first excavators began work, creating a 60 x 20 m hole for the building’s foundations.

On 13 July, 2009, the first stone was laid at a ceremony that marked the symbolic launching of the project. Officiating at the ceremony are Souren Khatchadourian, governor of the province of Syunik, Ara Doulountz, vice-governer, Nelson Voskanian, mayor of Goris, Marcel and Noubar Tchifteyan, foundational members of the FACC, doctors Mher Sousani and Avédis Matikian, and religious leaders.

2010: construction is completed

In October 2010, construction is completed, and the new FACC building is ready to be equipped by the AFHA.

On October 16th, 2010, FACC is honoured. Serge Sarkissian, the President of the republic of Armenia, goes especially to Goris to visit the French Armenian Cardiovascular Centre building.

2011: Installation

With building works completed, the AFHA began fitting out the centre with medical materials, IT and management equipement and bedding-all shipped by containers (10 to date) to Goris with the help of the Union Armenian fund (UAF).

The shipments included five ambulances fully-equipped with resuscitation units gifted by the fire-service of the Bouches-du-Rhône, long-term supporters of the AFHA since its inception in 1993.


October 2011: the centre’s endowment fund was created

In addition to technical and logistical implementation, the AFHA worked with specialist lawyers to provide the centre with a legal framework for operation under French standards, codes and ethics.

The first members of the centre’s personnel were recruited; a team of cardiologists, nurses, carers, and biomedical engineers appointed by the AFHA, a director, administrative and technical staff…

January 2013: The FACC is operational

Although the FACC has now achieved the ambitious objective that it set for itself, this is not the end. The main challenge now is to assure the ongoing functioning of the FACC over the short and medium term.


      The FACC in figures    

  1. Structure

       150 m length building on 17 m broad

       1600 m2 out of 2 levels+800 m2 of reserve

       in basement

  1. Equipment/Technical support centre

       25 beds

       2 rooms of coronarography

       Post-interventional monitoring room

       3 rooms of consultation and cardiovascular


       1 room of radiology

       1 medical laboratory

       1 pharmacy

       5 equipped ambulances

  1. Medical, paramedical, hospital administration

       and technical staff


20 years of action to the service of Armenia


The province of Syunik. So far so important


A dream come true


The AFHA, Goris and the FACC  in pictures


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