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The French-Armenian Cardiovascular Centre (FACC) of Goris opened its doors on 7th May to many French and Armenian leading figures, invited to appreciate the quality of the beautiful achievement accomplished by the AFHA and the French-Armenian Fund (FAF).

Inaugurated January 22, 2013 by the President of the Republic of Armenia Serge Sarkissian, the very young French-Armenian Cardiovascular Centre of Goris had a new powerful moment with the Open door day on the 7th of May. The event was organized to introduce the FACC to the healthcare officials in the region, as well as to many Armenian and French personalities (see box). It has actually been a great success; large number of visitors appreciated the quality of the cardiovascular unit offered to the south of Armenia by the AFHA and the FAF.

Greeted by the governor of Syunik, Souren Katchadourian, guests gathered on the FACC's court to listen to speeches of eminent personalities. Dr Telma Hératchian and Dr Avédis Matikian, respectively the President and the Vice-President of the FACC, thus reminded that the later was “the result of eight years of work and the outcome of a successful collaboration between the Armenia-France Health Action and French-Armenian Fund.”

Held back in the capital, the Minister of Diaspora, Hranush Hakobyan, has sent a message highlighting “the importance of the foundation of the FACC which was mentioned by the Armenian President Serge Sarkissian during his visit. FACC is equipped with modern facilities. It will provide healthcare services not only to the habitants of the Syunik region, but also to those of Vayots Dzor and Karabagh. We are happy to know that Armenian and French specialists with high qualifications will work at the Centre.

The event was followed by a guided tour of the FACC building in the presence of medical and administrative staff; everyone could enjoy the modern facilities. ''A pot of friendship'' closed this beautiful day, with the little speech from Dr. Avédis Matikian: “Although the FACC is the culmination of eight years of work, much remains to be done, particularly to ensure the sustainability of this great achievement born from a small association.” All kind of support, financial as well as human, is therefore very welcome...

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Open door day in the FACC

was in full swing

Christophe Masse, the vice president of the CG13, has praised the quality of the FACC and congratulated the authors. Back row, left to right: Zoya Lazaryan, Minister of Health of Karabagh, Khatchadourian Souren, governor of Syunik, Dr. Avédis Matikian, vice president of the AFHA,

Jean-Michel Kasbarian, counselor for cooperation and cultural action at the French Embassy in Armenia, and Dr. Rita Bazikyan, President of the AFHA in Armenia.

Souren Khatchadourian, governor of Syunik region (in top) and Christophe Masse, vice- president of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône (above).

Personalities from France and Armenia

Many French and Armenian personalities have honoured with their presence the "Open Day" at FACC Goris, including Christophe Masse, vice- president of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, the main supporter of the AFHA for many years, Linda Casta, responsible for international relations at the CG13, Professor Alec Vahanian and Dr. Paul Barragan, members of the Scientific Committee of the Euro Caucasian Congress of Cardiology (ECCC), founded by the AFHA, Dr. Telma Hératchian, president of the AFHA, Dr. Avédis Matikian, vice president of the AFHA, Dr. Rita Bazikyan, President of Armenian AFHA, Jean- Michel Kasbarian, Cooperation and cultural affairs advisor for the embassy of France in Armenia, Hrach Aslanyan, the Head of Europe Department at the Ministry of Diaspora, Souren Khatchadourian, governor of Syunik region, Zoya Lazaryan, Minister of Health of Karabagh, Nelson Voskanyan, mayor of Goris ...


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